General Rules & Regulations


All students are required to adhere to the regulations set by the management of the Institute.


Any offence or non-adherence to rules might result in termination of the course for the candidates.


All students are required to carry their photo ID card at the Institutes and hostel premises.


Loss or damage of the Institute's property will result in penalty and the charges will be debited from the candidate as decided by the management of the Institute.


Candidates not securing 80% of attendance will not permitted to appear for the examination.


Institute will provide a certificate to students after successful passed / completion of the course.


Student should follow and maintain the quality policy of the Institute.


Institute reserve Right of Admission of the candidate.


Any dispute & legal issue will be as per the Jurisdiction of the Vasai Court.


Fee for each academic year should be paid as per instruction in advance.


Perfect discipline must be maintained in the class room and the campus.


Absence for 21 days without any valid reason will lead to the removal of the candidate.